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Six Stories from the Desert

A caravan seeks guards to protect it on its journey to and across the Sunamyo. The caravan includes a large number of semi-skilled laborers who have been promised a better life serving the ”Masters of the Citadel” in Zangiers. Some … Continue reading

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The Order of the Serpent

The mysterious knights who rode with the Demon Queen’s host of cultists and madmen when they stormed the City of Zangiers call themselves the Order of the Serpent, although it is recognized by the more astute that this is nothing … Continue reading

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Mount B’taol

One of the many mysterious features of the Sunamyo is the lonely peak of Mount B’taol, which rises (sometimes, at least) from the sandy wastes to the south of the stretch of the River Oued several days ride east of … Continue reading

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To Kill Time Itself

I have not been updating this thing like I’ve wanted to. Part of the issue is that I went ahead and actually bought / subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I like it and all, but I have a … Continue reading

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I have my reasons…

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The Sunamyo Trade Route

Caravans pass both East and West through the City of Zangiers on a nearly daily basis, carrying trade goods to and from the Kingdoms of the West and the Great Empire (but not nearly so Great as it used to … Continue reading

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Truth & Lies

I don’t actually think anything I’m posting here is absolutely 100% true; well, it’s fiction at the very least, so that’s a bit obvious, really. But aside from any GM doing what they will with the source material, the Sunamyo … Continue reading

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