Time is an Illusion

The lost Empire of Zid is supposed to have ruled the area of the Sunamyo desert some ten millennia ago. That seems a rather fancifal assertion, but many more-or-less respected scholars agree with the date. And the fact is that this is as close to the truth as anyone is liable to ever get, albeit assuming a margin of error of approximately all of time and space…

This is the cause of much of the strangeness and uncertainty within the area (which certainly includes Zangiers). Ruins and artifacts may seem ancient beyond comprehension, untouched by the passage of time; and that is because in may ways they are both. The God-Kings of Zid made time their greatest enemy, and they brought all of their arcane and esoteric powers to bear against it. They sought to at once trap the entirety of their rule within a single moment, and also to stretch that moment out to eternity and beyond. They unbraided the threads of time and re-wove them into a garment made to their own preferences.

This brings about the age-old question of what could have laid low such a vast power? The obvious answer, oft-repeated in legend and tavern-tale, is that magic always comes with a price. And that is at least partly the truth behind the fall of Zid. But the assumption that the many God-Kings, ”trapped” within a finite geographical region, must have come into conflict with one-another is simply false. If anything it was the paradox that brought them together and kept them working towards a shared purpose that brought about the apparent demise of Zid.

It would have been impossible for the God-Kings to point to one among their number as the ”first” (and, of course, today we can’t even list a single name among their number with any real confidence). As they re-made time, they did so not in their own image, but in the image of Zid and Sunamyo. For the Empire that was their creation took on a life of it’s own, and in the end inspired the God-Kings to gather the shamans, sorcerers, and sages who would in the end make up their numbers in a kind of metaphysical Mobius loop. When even death dies, life is the obvious consequence, and the Sunamyo (and Zid, for they are if anything co-joined twins) has a life and power of it’s own.

And it always has, and it always will…


About kaomera

I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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