To Kill Time Itself

I have not been updating this thing like I’ve wanted to.

Part of the issue is that I went ahead and actually bought / subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I like it and all, but I have a habit of spending way too much time immersed in MMOs. The quest system and the story just drag me in. I like having a set of objectives, especially ones that I know I can accomplish and which have no real serious repercussions for failing once or twice along the way. In the end, though, it tends not to be very fulfilling. It’s better when I can actually put the multiplayer aspect to better use, which generally means a good, social guild. But I’ve been in too many guilds that have just fallen apart, and I don;t really know anyone who plays the game…

I really should just put myself on a schedule or ”diet” of sorts, and limit how much time I spend on it each day. But there’s always that impulse to finish just one more thing…


About kaomera

I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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