Six Stories from the Desert

  1. A caravan seeks guards to protect it on its journey to and across the Sunamyo. The caravan includes a large number of semi-skilled laborers who have been promised a better life serving the ”Masters of the Citadel” in Zangiers. Some may join the expedition out of curiosity about the Order of the Serpent, but it is all simply a ruse – the wealthy ”merchant” who is sponsoring the caravan is actually an aspiring sorcerer who will lead the group to a specific set of time-lost ruins and there attempt to sacrifice them in an attempt to gain control over a powerful monster left over from the Empire of Zid. Fortunately whatever magic or poison he attempts to use to quell any opposition will be ineffective against our heroes for some reason, unfortunately even once he’s disposed of the group must deal with the monster and escape…
  2. A powerful sorcerer in Zangiers has left the city unexpectedly on a secret mission, and it rapidly becomes apparent that he is not going to be returning any time soon. He has left three apprentices behind and two of them are openly vying to step into his position in the hierarchy of the city (the third, weakest apprentice is content to stand on the sidelines for now, but he is eagerly watching for any opportunity to grab whatever he can without risking his own life). Neither is especially subtle, and they are liable to lay each other to waste before any serious damage is done to the city, but their old master has left a debt to the Demon-Queen unpaid, and she is more than willing to level entire neighborhoods to claim her prize or at least take some kind of revenge…
  3. The Demon-Queen has acquired an ancient artifact that she has determined is some kind of a trap. The object is the severed head of a statue, obviously from a Zid ruin, and with runes carved on the flattened back of the head that detail the route to a secret spot in the desert. She has given the task of finding this place and claiming whatever treasure must certainly lie there to one of her most-incompetent lieutenants (although she has deliberately pretended for years that he is a personal favorite of hers, until she could find a use for him). Of course this, in turn, is liable to lead to a race by the many other factions within the city to follow this expedition or insinuate an agent into it, in order to grab the treasure for themselves. Of course, when the final destination is reached it turns out to be nothing more than a prison for a horrible beast – a failed experiment left over from the early days of the Lost Empire. And even once the thing is bested one must find a way to bypass the magics meant to keep it from escaping over the centuries…
  4. A strange old man has appeared on the streets of Zangiers. Although he at first seems little more than any other half-crazed spiritualist who wanders the wastes seeking enlightenment, he has a peculiar ability or insight which allows him to thwart the machinations of the Demon-Queen. Three times now he has made cryptic pronouncements that end up undoing her plots and plans, and every time she has sent troops or agents to hunt him down he has mysteriously been able to avoid them. This ”man” is in fact a powerful undead monster, but it’s mind has been wiped clean and it knows little of itself or anything else other than what ”the voices” tell it… This may well all be little more than a distraction, but it is an effective and deadly one; and pretty soon any interest that might have been had in using this man’s pronouncements to seize power in the city is gone, replaced by a much more immediate need to eliminate him before the Demon-Queen’s forces level the whole place seeking him out!
  5. A master thief and spy from the East has just put into motion the final phase of a decades-long plan to infiltrate the Citadel on the Rock, assassinate one of the masters of the Order o the Serpent, and steal an ancient ”trophy” held there. As part of his elaborate plan he uncovered a text which recounts the landmarks that must be followed to reach a certain hidden set of ruins in the Sunamyo that must be reached if disaster is to be averted! He has taken this text into the Citadel with him, and now someone must follow him inside to retrieve it… Fortunately the Order realizes the portent of this book and is more than willing to help stop whatever malevolent plot is tied to these ruins; unfortunately they cannot accept letting anyone get away with breaching the sanctity of their abode without punishment.
  6. One of the God-Kings of Zid, Andozen by name, is a pathologically violent and destructive individual who has in various fits of rage smashed the luxurious palace he was meant to while away eternity in. Now he seeks to escape his self-made prison, and he has been sending dreams and visions to various warlocks and such to encourage / trick them into paving the way. One wizard in particular has set out to find the ruins of the palace, destroy a huge crystal artifact found within, and seize the power it contains. ”Fortunately” heroes have been alerted to this plan, and just in time to race after the man and confront him before he can complete his ritual. Unfortunately Andozen himself has sent the heroes after the wizard, as he needs the spell left incomplete and the artifact left intact long enough to breach the aeons and bring himself into the present day. However doing so will leave him somewhat vulnerable, so our heroes might even stand a chance at beating him when he appears after they have defeated the wizard…

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I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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