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The Powers-That-Be in the City of Zangiers

The Demon Queen: An enigma, to be sure, but do not mistake her for a mere figurehead. She hides in her temple-palace, but the coils of her power reach throughout the city. The Order of the Serpent: These knights have … Continue reading

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On Being a Part of Gaming History

So, as I’m sure you must know by now, WotC has announced they are ”developing the next iteration of D&D”. And, boringly enough, I don’t think I actually have anything much to say about that… I’m sure I’ll be excited … Continue reading

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The Sentinels of the Oued

When the Demon-Queen conquered the city of Zangiers her army brought with it a half-dozen monolithic statues of unknown origin. Each some thirty feet high and seeming to depict individual God-Kings in finely carved sandstone, these trophies of an expedition … Continue reading

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Time is an Illusion

The lost Empire of Zid is supposed to have ruled the area of the Sunamyo desert some ten millennia ago. That seems a rather fancifal assertion, but many more-or-less respected scholars agree with the date. And the fact is that … Continue reading

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Regarding maps

I think the Sunamyo desert ought to be something like a sandbox setting (heavy on the sand, of course), but not really. I don’t think it should be mapped out – there’s supposed to be more uncertainty than that. I … Continue reading

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The Demon-Queen’s Guardians

One of the pairs of scimitars hung in the audience chamber are magic weapons. These are each possessed by a demonic spirit which can animate them, and they are bound to defend the Demon-Queen. When released and verbally ordered against … Continue reading

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A brief thought concerning a law of the City of Zangiers

Mirrors of any size are outlawed within the city. The exact reason for this decree is unknown, but rumor links it to the Demon-Queen’s supposed magical foresight. Current thought leans towards either the idea that reflections confuse her ability to … Continue reading

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