Shut up and play.

Well, more likely shut up and GM in my case, but it’s basically the same thing. And maybe not shut up, really; I just need to stop using ”thinking about RPGs” as an excuse not to actually be playing.

(Oh, and yes – I’ve been slacking on this blog something fierce…)

I want to be GMing. I want to be doing something constructive / creative with my free time, and GMing is a thing that I do that could accomplish that. I like to think I’m a pretty good GM, except that I haven’t been GMing for a while. And for a while before that I have run several games that were just generally unsatisfactory.

Scheduling is a pain, of course. And actually organizing a group is my least favorite part of the RPG hobby. But beyond all of that I haven’t really been working effectively towards any kind of goal – or even really had a goal for my games. And there have been some other problems beyond that, although I think those were more about the games I was running and the players I was running for than any more general issue.

So a plan of attack would be:

  1. Decide what I want to run. Ideally I want to run what the players want to play, but particularly when putting a new group together (which I will be) I’ve never had much luck without the system and such decided on beforehand.
  2. Gather a group. I’ve had some decent luck finding players in the past, but maybe not so much in finding the right players. Ideally that wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it has, but I have a tendency to set up games that require a certain amount of buy-in, at least in terms of setting and tone. And I have had some really bad luck in getting players who are ready to accept that. I’m not sure exactly how to go about dealing with this issue, but I’m thinking of maybe setting up a more generic introduction to the game, and then building from there, so:
  3. Start things up. Begin with a somewhat generic introduction, see what sorts of things the players are interested in and where they want to go from here.
  4. Make a larger-scale plan. If I want to feel like I’m working towards accomplishing something, I need something to accomplish, and a set of steps that will get me there. This is possibly going to be the ”hard part”, although I will have the burst of energy that usually accompanies starting a new project to help me along. Unfortunately I think that if I want to avoid having a plan that does not fit with my players and their agendas I will have to put off any real work on this until after the game is already underway, which will leave e racing the clock a bit.
  5. Keep working on stuff. Fairly self explanatory, but it’s where I’ve fallen down in the past. I actually think I’m really, really good at improvising and adapting to what the players do in the game. Unfortunately I think this has led me to being lazy and not doing much myself, which means that if the players get stumped or aren’t actively doing anything then nothing happens. On top of that it means that I’m not really working towards anything in particular which tends to leave me feeling unfulfilled by the game, as I’m really not accomplishing much of anything…
  6. Repeat from step 4. Or step 3, if I need to buy some time? I think that, if anything, I’ve had not enough ”filler” in my games, and I’ve kind of designed them to avoid filler adventures.

Anyway, enough for now. I need to start trying to actually pin myself down on what I actually want to run.


About kaomera

I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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