So, there has been some drama concerning the OGRE Kickstarter, and specifically it’s segue into the Car Wars pre-Kickstarter. There’s been a fair amount of drama surrounding Kickstarter in general already, of course. Personally I’ve had to give up on the idea of supporting projects, as such. Not that there is some kind of need to abandon that reasoning for contributing to a crowd-funding appeal; but I find that I need to limit myself to pledging for specific products that are either part of the initial goal or from levels of funding that have already been achieved. I just find that too much baggage comes along with pledging simply to try and achieve something, especially when it comes with ”rewards” that I really don’t care about.

But the thing that really worries me about the Car Wars project (or potential project – although I think that holding a Car Wars update hostage is kind of dumb, and I think that SJG is simply losing out on revenue if they do not go forward with the project) is that they want to crowd-source the actual design. We’ve seen this already with D&D Next (and quite possibly other projects that I’m unaware of), and it’s pretty obvious that the surveys and such that have been put out there do not represent any kind of heavy-lifting in terms of design. Even so, this kind of thing bothers me – in the sense that it makes me less able to simply enjoy the idea of a game.

One of the things that already bothers me about a lot of games is that they aren’t really designed for me – for the kind of player I am. And I do not at all feel that the aggregate of gamer input makes that any better. My data, anyone’s data really, gets lost in the mix. I don’t really want a game designed by committee, regardless of the composition of that committee. If I’m going to have to adapt my expectations to the game as designed (or not) in any case, I’d rather adapt to something that was actually someone’s idea of a good design, not just the least common denominator.


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I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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