Hulks & Horrors

Hulks & Horrors, currently funding on Indiegogo, seeks to present ”a classic dungeon crawl experience with a mashup of gonzo sci-fi and space opera tropes from the golden ages of the genre, with a touch of good humor, shocking horror, and good old fashioned fun.” I think it’s awesome, and I’d really like to see it funded. Hopefully some of you out there will think it’s awesome too…

Meanwhile, I’ve picked up a copy of Star Frontiers; actually two copies of the main rules (both the basic and expanded books) as well as several of the supplements and two modules… Most of my gaming buddies back in the day didn’t give the game much notice, but I did get to play a bit with my brother and some of his friends. Just flipping through the books is bringing back a lot of memories, although mostly pretty vague. I had forgotten how simultaneously simple / elegant and weird / clunky the system was… (And then, of course, Zebulon’s kind of half-changed everything only to leave us hanging in the end…)

I doubt I’ll have a copy of H&H by then, but I’m thinking I should run some impromptu SF in the tabletop area at PAX in a few weeks…



About kaomera

I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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