The Temple of the Golden Hornet

The Temple of the Golden Hornet is a dungeon complex with a number of rooms, chambers, etc. Various objects, rooms, etc. within the complex are filled with hornets. The hornets in these objects, rooms, etc. are held in a magical slumber until the object, room, or etc. is breached, broken, opened, etc.; whereupon the hornets are immediately awakened in an enraged state.

At the end of the complex’s winding passages and maze-like collection of rooms lies the chamber of the golden hornet.The golden hornet rests at the center of this vaulted space upon a wooden pedestal carved with images of a sun-blotting mass of hornets destroying everything, forever. The pedestal actually continues 30′ or so below the room’s floor, extending into a water-filled cavity.

The pedestal’s buoyancy (including the effects of the golden hornet resting upon it) is carefully balanced; if it shifts downwards even a fraction of an inch a trap will be set off that will release various hazards that will in turn chase any interlopers present towards the entrance of the complex… (While, immediately after the trap is triggered, the entrance chamber will rapidly begin to fill with an infinite swarm of demonic hornets.)

The golden hornet weighs about two pounds, but it also has an enchantment on it that will increase the buoyancy of the pedestal as long as it remains in contact with it, such that it effectively has a negative mass…

The original golden hornet – two pounds of solid gold with priceless gems set into it, is long gone. In it’s place has been left a ceramic fake, covered in gold leaf and worthless glass. It is hollow and is filled with hornets.


About kaomera

I bake cakes for a living. In my spare time I think about and talk about roleplaying games, and sometimes even try to play them.
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