Just needs some minor editing…

S&W plus Cut-Ups…

cleric samurai, or a medieval lady. because they are the ruler or monarch. the character prays for a certain set must be either lawful (good) or chaotic (evil). there clerics unless the referee decides the magic-user is a turning undead, page xx).
establish temple: at spell scrolls during an adventure, cleric another who chooses to build and dedicate great kingdoms and equipped of all the character classes to dish out alignment. the character might be a particular daggers or staves, and are not allowed the use of only fighter
the fighter is a warrior, trained that an “baroness” or “baron,” otherwise. chaos, law, armor restrictions.
spell round.
saving throw: absorb damage, fighters often end up on the front swear artifacts.
table 5: magic-user casting: party members. toe-to-toe with dragons, goblins, and evil able only the prime attribute for magic-user’s mind, and must be prepared again before hierarchy. since many of the cleric’s abilities are receive a 10% to experience, 5% as normal, the holiness advancement
exp. points
hit dice (d6)
saving to a deity may attract a body of loyal best list. down-and-dirty work is up to you.
table 4: fighter the healing and protecting, they tend to magic-user
the spell list.
saving throw: clerics she can copy them into her spell book.
saving throw: (d6)

saving may choose to attract a body of class abilities
weapon and armor restrictions: because arcane powers and spell casting. they can be fighters mysterious figure, a used).
banishing might have able to create wondrous magical of spells, choosing any of the saving throws vs. poison armor.
spell casting: unlike the cleric, the are no for magic-users, which means play a support (see reading from this book, the magic-user presses a receive magic-user owns a book of spells—which does most powerful of the character followers who come later an additional 5% experience.
the reached the vs. death not face a mutiny).
experience bonus for wisdom: it is sinister witch-hunter, an exorcist of demons, a opponents. however, at lower levels, they use blunt weapons (club, flail, mace, etc.) and weapons. your engage in physical combat. magic-users disappears from the cleric and 5% because it is the character might be a ferocious viking raider, a roaming tomes and scrolls. as such, they have little who to “turn” the undead, causing them to flee select possible to prepare a spell multiple times using the restrictions on the kind of weapons or armor they can the character. if the class each combat clerics have no to train with weapons or learn how to properly the throw

Doing weird things to old-school seems cool.


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